Cone Training That’ll Boost Your Speed and Calorie Burn

Cone training helps in improving / boost your speed and calorie burn, explosive power, coordination and sports skills, including plyometric jumping drills, hurdles and dot drill routines. Agility cone drills or cone training also improves your acceleration. The key of workout is ‘The quicker you go, the fitter you’ll get.’

“Your HIIT routine could be doing double duty to elevate your fitness gains, and it takes only a patch of grass, sand, or pavement to upgrade from those spintervals,” says trainer Jacqueline Kasen from Anatomy at 1220 fitness club in Miami Beach.

“By using cones in a HIIT workout, you’re focusing on fat loss as well as agility training and motor skills,” Kasen says.

Agility is the capability of your body to move quickly on your feet and such type of work routine can help improve your speed, reinforce your lower body, and lessen your danger of injury. Agility cone drills / Cone training, adjust your body mechanics and control it, so you can move with more strength.

At the fitness club of 1220, Jacqueline Kasen packed all the benefits of these agility drills in five plastic cones. First learn to set your focus on Speed, Agility and Quickness then do these drills once or twice a week and you’ll appreciate yourself that how much you have developed the more energy in workouts and exercises.


First warm your body to avoid any kind of injury during exercise. Warm up your body at least for 10 minutes. Start with marching, while swinging your arms. Try squats, a versatile exercise that target your lower body muscles. Go for planks, an excellent warm up for building core and back strength. Also improves balance and posture. Side lunges can help strengthen your legs and hips. Push-ups is a classic exercise for your upper body, core and glutes. You can also push-ups on your knees.

Depending on the workout and cones, the warming up should be perfect and longer. The warm up is purely dependent on the intensity of workout.

In and Out Drill

Spot two cones on the ground around one foot apart and stand between them. Now start moving your right foot quickly over the right cone and left foot over the left cone. Continue this step at least for 30 seconds. Now rest for 1 minute and start again by doing this step 4 times.

agility cone drill in and out

Cross Cone Hop

By following X position, spot 5 cones on the ground 1 1/2 feet apart. Each wedge of the X is one box. Facing away from center cone, stand on the right leg at the top of the X. Start hopping diagonally into the next box. Now hop to bottom box of X then left box, then back to top box. Continue clockwise for 15 seconds and then counter clockwise for 15 seconds. Rest for 1 minute and now do this process on the left leg. Complete this by doing 3 more times by using both legs.

agility cone drill cross cone hop


Spot 5 cones on the ground in a zig-zag line around 3 feet apart from one another. Stand behind the first cone, diagonally to its left. First move the left foot backward and then move forward and to the right. Land on right foot next to first cone. Move the right foot to forward and then to the left, just to make it land on left foot near to second cone. Continue for this pattern for 30 seconds and repeat in opposite direction also. Rest for 1 minute and do 2 more times.

agility cone drill bounds

Forward and Back shuffle

Remain the cones in the same position. Stand on the leftmost cone and start shuffling forward and around to the right of first cone, then back- ward and around second cone, then forward and around to third cone. Continue in this pattern. Rest for 1 minute and do four rounds more.

cone training forward and back shuffle


Here are some guidelines to help you for a balanced speed and agility.

  • Don’t start your exercise, before the solid dynamic stretching warm up.
  • These agility cone drills work best when performed in the full speed.
  • Do this agility training when your body is completely fresh.
  • Make sure to take rest for a day between your training sessions to let your body recover.


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