Top Leading Barbell Complex Workouts to Burn Fat Fast

When you think about burning your body fat or fat loss exercise, what exercise comes to your mind? Many of us think about jogging in hours on the treadmill or running fast. But here is a better option for you and it’s a barbell complex.

The barbell workout is not new for anyone. A Barbell is consists of a straight metal bar and 2 weight plates that are placed on both ends. This workout is performed by doing several moves in a row without leaving the barbell.

Barbell workouts are great for endurance, strength, torching fat, and build huge muscles. Moreover, if you want to boost your metabolism and build bigger muscles then add barbell exercises in your exercise routine.

The following are the 5 barbell workout complexes that can burn fat fast in just 30 minutes.

If you are a beginner then these movements are a great introduction.

1- Barbell Dead-lift

This compound exercise is used to develop overall strength, core strength, and stability. Squat down and hold a barbell. Try to keep your chest up, pull shoulders back and look straight. Start with the hands outside the knees and lift the barbell to thigh level, pause, and then and return to the start position. Do this as many as you can.

2- Barbell Upright Row

Lift the barbell in front of your body and keep your back straight. Raise your elbows vertically to about neck height then lower under control and move to the start position. This exercise trains your shoulder muscles and more resistant to injury.

3- Barbell Military press

Close your feet together and lift the barbell to your shoulders. Press the barbell over your head and lock your elbows. Keep holding the bar at the top for few seconds and then lower it back to your shoulders and repeat it as much as you can.

4- Front Barbell Squat

The front squat is a lower body exercise. It will strengthen your legs, hips, thigh muscles, and butt muscles. Stand with your feet open to your shoulder width. Hold a barbell across your upper chest, push your hips back, and bend your knees. Now push yourself back up to the start position and do this step for few seconds or as much as you can.

5- Lunge

Stand tall and open your feet to your shoulder width. Hold a barbell across your shoulder blades. Take a large step forward and lower your body until your knees are bent by 90 degrees. Try to keep your chest up and shoulders back. Now repeat this with the opposite leg. Lunges help in increasing muscles, tone your body also metabolism which helps in losing calories.

Barbell workout is one of the best exercises for fat loss. It saves time and improves athletic performance. It is also affordable, you only need a bar and weights to set your gym in the home. 30 minutes of daily workout is enough to shed pounds.

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